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LED Scoreboard

Wireless Communications

Projection Scoreboard



Commercial Displays



PDA Controller


SOLAR Scoreboard

Sebring Mobile Display

Football Scoreboard
Baseball Scoreboard
Soccer Scoreboard
Tennis Scoreboard
Hockey Scoreboard
Full Color Display
Banner Displays
Practice Clocks

Mobile video truck RENTAL

AC Powered ... Battery Powered ... Solar Powered Scoreboard

LED Scoreboard Rentals and SALES available
LED Sports Timing Clock
Mobile Scoreboard....Mobile advertising signs for rent
Trailable Scoreboard Trailable advertising signs
LED Advertising Sign Rentals available
Portable led signs available for SALE OR Rent in Florida
Veteran Made .....American Made Parts

Mobile Scoreboard changes into Mobile Advertising Sign


LED Scoreboard with RF Wireless communications.. Plug n play

Football Practice Clocks Programmable to 99 Periods

led Baseball Scoreboard .......... WIRELESS led Tennis Scoreboard..
.........Programmable led Football practice clocks

.........................led Scoreboard sales RENTALS Available

La Cross scoreboard
programmable 30 40 second Clocks w/ mobile Trailer
Scoreboard KITS Available .....Porable LED signs for rent in Florida

count down clock 40 second  clock

Hand Held ...Battery Powered ...wireless.Scoreboard controllers

football clock

LED Baseball Scoreboard with Pitch counter

baseball scoreboardHand Held Scoreboard COntroller
Wireless battery powered Hand Held RF scoreboard controller all in one small Device
uses high output battery power 50 hrs use on new charges
chargable batterys LCD screen push button operation

scoreboard on trailer

Portable LED Scoreboard 18 inch and 24 inch ht
Portable LED Signs for RENT and for sale  in Florida
Mobile Signs for RENT in Florida

LED scoreboard on trailer....optional hydraulics to raise up
Scoreboard lays flat for traveing we build trailable scorebaords
Scoreboard Rental available
Trailable scoreboard ...Mobile LED Scoreboard full video sign
Scoreboard KITS available and Segment timer Rental Available

Portable Advertising Signs Available for RENT


football scoreboard
Scoreboards- FLA is A
pioneer in electronic video displays for over 18years.
We have outdoor LED Scoreboard installations around the world

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..................LED BILLBOARD Leases available
..................Mobile Advertising Truck leases available

mobile scoreboard

Click on picture to see video
.................................................Mobile advertising capability Sales and Rentals

We have Tract stats broadcasted during the Track meet instantly using REAL RESULTS

LED scoreboard packages come with 5 year warranty
baseball scoreboard, soccer scoreboard, hockey scoreboard, football scoreboard
...Practice Football Clocks Portable scoreboard on trailers
Solar scoreboard
Some models include wireless basketball scoreboard, football scoreboard, baseball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, tennis, and swimming many standard features as well as an extended list of available options to make customization FREE.

We also supply large projection scoreboard display with full interactive, user design, live video capability, at a practical and affordable price.

Hand Held Battery powered wireless Scoreboard controller runs for 50 hrs on new fully charges uses standard USB connector charger

Hand Held controller


can design your electronic LED scoreboard, wireless scoreboard, matrix display LED Billboard or mobile billboard using our designs or for no additional charge ...we custom to your design. Scoreboards-US manufactures single color, full color matrix. You can have a single line Matrix or double line matrix message display one color at affordable prices. Our unique All wireless scoreboard system come with our STANDARD RF, radio frequency wireless football scoreboard hand held battery powered controller, no extra wiring to worry about. When 120 volt power is a problem, choose our battery powered system or our newer solar scoreboard models.
Some LED scoreboard systems last up to 20 hrs on one battery charge

BATTERY POWER: wireless scoreboard controller (RF) . Hand Held Scoreboard Controller
We use wireless controller scoreboards
ALL manufacturing done in Florida by Veterans
US made Hand Held GUIUI controllers for ease of use and compactness.
Windows OS Scoreboard Controller interface console looks exactly as the scoreboard

Scoreboard KITS available
Solar scoreboard available.
As a scoreboard manufacturer we also offering solar power
We offer Scoreboard Rentals and LED Signage Rental

solar power scoreboard

solar  power scoreboard
Solar Powered Scoreboard - Doing our part in helping to make our planet GREEN, we have turned High Tech engineering to use our solar power scoreboard technology to run our solar scoreboard. and when you add wireless communications, makes our scoreboard totally independent on any outside power source.

LED Digit--FULL 10 inch 18 inch and 24 inch HT LED's 7- segment digits are machine soldered for accuracy , Surface mounted, over 200 LED's per segment, 170 degree viewing angle, three rows of LED's for a wider looking digits, matched every 4 LED's.
LED Scoreboard DIgits
Scoreboard KITS available

Sponsor Panels may be any size and can be added to any side of the scoreboard.
Add Digital team names.
Full color LED displays for previewing.
We manufacturer everything at our shop in New Port Richey, Florida.

Powder Coating Finish--The finishing touches comes with our unique frame design and quality powder coat paint. Choose from many standard colors.
Several finishes available on powder coat.
Custom vinyl logos can be made from your artwork or use our expert graphic designers for that custom design.
Custom LED scoreboard:
Custome LED scoreboard KITS
over 70 % of our LED scoreboard displays are custom ... NO additional cost to clients.
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Commercial LED Scoreboard - Control Centers - Counters
All of our Wireless LED models are made of high quality, surface mounted LED's, last over 100,000 hours, are inexpensive to power, and easily to be seen, made for use in sunlight.

BANNER Scoreboard: We build Banner scoreboard displays to circle the arenas and ball fields

Heights vary starting at 1 meter or 3.3 ft and go to 900 ft across.

Extremely wide viewing angle..... over 150 degree viewing

RF Wireless Controller: Standard feature on our models 400 feet to 7 miles depending on model
Color Controller: School logo and colors on color wireless controller
Our standard (RF) wireless system comes with
(RF) wireless hand held battery powered controller or smaller battery powered push button programmable ..is rugged and easy to use.

After the ball game the the Windows tablet controller is used as a extra computer

Projection Scoreboard introduced 2003 In business since 1990 Solar introduced in 2003

Our LED scoreboard system is configured so you just plug and play.
...Battery powered systems available at slight additional cost. Solar scoreboard available

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