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RF Wireless Scoreboard.. HAND HELD Samples
Mobile signs available for rent in Florida
Portable advertising signs available for rfent in Florida
Wireless Controller-- We use RF wireless PDA controllers and Hand Held wireless PC controllers for ease of use and compactness. SPECS
Here is a sampling of our scoreboard templates for baseball, Football, Basketball scoreboard. We make the template to match up with the scoreboard so there is no confusion as to what button to hit. Want to start the clock ...simply press on the clock... Want to add a run simply ...add a run to the home or guest score. Add your teams color logo.
Hand Held Scoreboard Controller LED Signage Rental Available

custom templates with color

  • Mobile Scoreboard Rentals Available

    what you see on our controller is representative of the scoreboard

RF Wireless Scoreboard controller
LED Digits: All of our models are made in Florida by veterans with quality, long lasting LED digits (203 LED's per 18 inch digit) , last 100,000 hours, are inexpensive to power, and easily seen, even in sunlight. super wide angle viewing .......150 degree viewing angle
Our standard is hand held RF wireless Scoreboard controllers are rugged and easy to use.
Our system is configured so we just plug and play.
Quality - Engineering - High Tech - Ease of use - Maintenance free RF wireless scoreboard ... RF wireless controlled scoreboard...For information or a quote,
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