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modem wireless scoreboard

PDA Wireless Board
A few chips connects the modem to the PDA communications
True peer-to-peer network (no need to configure a "Master" radio
Retry and acknowledgements of packets provides guaranteed delivery of critical packets in difficult environments

Scoreboard wireless controller
Mounted on the scoreboard our wireless controller accepts communications from the PDA wireless controller measures 6"x2"

Scoreboard Processor and modem Scoreboard communications

Power strip easy access

Electronics in one compartment for easy access

Our wireless LED scoreboard comes standard with (RF) wireless scoreboard hand held controller
.......... (RF radio Frequency model). 900 mhz and 2.4 ghz Range of transmission is 500 ft to 7 miles depending on conditions and model chosen.

900 mhz model Frequency:
902 - 928 mhz
Allows up to 7 frequency hoping spread spectrum share 25 frequencies
No configuration: Simple output serial data from any microcontroller into module

Hand held wireless scoreboard controller and software, certified high powered radio transmitter and you have a Plug N Play setup. Many manufacturers have this as optional, we decided to make our scoreboard a simple installation.

We use high grade device conponents made in USA and built in FLorida. A truly portable system. 300 MHZ processor is plenty powerful for communicating to the scoreboard.

Brilliant 3.5" QVGA TFT color 16 bit touch sensitive Transflective display. Software driven PDA shows the actual scoreboard which makes scoring a breeze. No more complicated buttoms to try and understand PDA


above now replaced with our newest Hand Held all exclusive Hand Held controller


controller scoring looks just like the scoreboard.  
. Our wireless scoreboard models work with ................................... baseball scoreboard, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, track and field, tennis scoreboards and volleyball scoreboards.
NEW Controller Model
Available for Delivery in March
LCD Scoreboard
Large 10 inch DSTN LCD screen
Touch Screen
Flat Panel Controller Display

RF Communications
110 AC Power
800x600 resolution
Serial and USB Connection
PCI Slot
External Speakers
Dimensions: 11.4" W x 9" H x 2.3" D
CPU Speed: 200/300 MHz (300 MHz default)
Dot Pitch: 0.0845 (W) mm x 0.2535 (H) mm

NEW Hand Held Shock resistant and water resistant Controller model

RADIO transmission:
No wires to worry about No powerline problems to contend with...... not all wireless systems are the same
Radio devices are certified FCC approved 900 MHz radios, field tested to send radio signals over 1,000 ft.
Other radios avaiable up to 7 miles

ADDED feature: can be used as computer device to keep track of game and player information and later download to Notebook computer.

18 inch 7 segment LED DIGITS size of LED Digits 18 and 10 inch ht ... three rows of LED digits,
150 degree viewing angle ... super wide viewing..... 203 LED per 18 inch digit ....112 LED per 10 inch Digit
Matrix Digits ...6 inch 12 inch 18 inch matrix Digits used for scrolling messages or digital team names

LED digits have three rows of LED's total of 203 LED's per digit. Each segment is over 1 inch wide of LED's.
LED Digits are a full 18 inch high (20 inches digit area). LED Digits are connected every 4 LED's so you will never have a segment out. Some manufacturers may use a single row of LED's that cause segment black outs when a single LED goes out. NOT so with our design.

Battery power:
Systems can be totally Battery Powered. Our low power systems can run the entire day on one charge
Field Tests show standard scoreboard runs on one fully charged battery 45 hours running time.


PDA now replaced with our newest Hand Held controller self contained

hsnd Held controller

Scoreboard Horn



No need for running extra cables anymore. Our wireless scoreboard controller system works well in either indoor sports arenas or at outdoor games.

When 120 volt power is a problem, choose our battery power scoreboards and wireless controller controller.
Sponsor panels may be any size and can added to any side of the scoreboards.
Quality - Engineering - High Tech - Ease of use - Maintenance free wireless scoreboards ...
For information or a quote,

Bracket System: Discription on how brackets are installed on our scoreboard

Give us a call at 727-942-4868.



wireless scoreboard

older systle PDA now is replaed with our self contained Hand Held controller

Wireless Scoreboard Controller W1000
Scoreboard. self contained Hand Held controller has battery inside and modem inside runs on long ife battery that last up to 45 hours on new charge

LCD Screen on board

Hand Held wireless Scoreboards Controller
available with:
Clock, Home Score, Guest Score, horn, Quarter, period, bonus
scoreboard displays period time to 59:59
PDA Dimensions: 7" high x 3" wide x 1" deep.
Scoreboard Aluminum Tubing structure 1"x 2"
Powder Coated finish
Approximate weight is 1 lb.

Battery Life: 45 hrs.

With Hand Held Controllert click on desired score digit and the response is sent to th escoreboard.
score is incremented by one point
Horn blows
Inning , balls, strikes, change.
LED brightness chnages different levels

IF you have older PDA model we can replace wiht our newest Hand Held controller along with our newest onboard controller to replace the controller in your scoreboard

Standard feature You can use PDA computer module to keep track of game and player information

For scoreboard with clocks there is a simple setup menu to follow. Game time has start and stop button. The controller is made to look like the scoreboard.

Wireless Scoreboard controller and
......... Full 18 inch LED digit


Scoarboard Buzzar


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