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LED Video DisplayLED Vio Displayd
LED Display Module Single unit shown here is one LED cabinet consisting of 12 LED units in one module

We have many styles of LED Display module units starting with
8mm pitch and go up to 40 mm pitch
Popular outdoor systems come as 25mm pitch which is ideal for outdoor use where viewing distance is 150 to 300 feet.
We have Indoor display modules as well as outdoor display module.
2 color displays to 16million color displays.

LED Cabinet Box -- Each LED cabinet box is made of heavy guage steel and connected together by 4 bolts and a steel plate horizontally and by 4 bolts and a steel plate vertically.
Quick connect Power connector cable shown here is outside.
Communication connector is placed inside.

Video DisplayVideo Display
LED module inside cabinet board- Individual modules are connected into each cabinet. Depending on the size of the display units may have 12 or 16 modules per cabinet.

Simple installation-
With just a few ribbon cables connecting one unit to another.
Red and black wires are power.
Ribbon cable is communications, connecting one module to another.
Installation of a unit can be as quick as one day time. Even for portable use it is ideal system.
Quick and easy installations
Shown below is inside view of the module with the right side door opened.
Video Display
LED Module single unit. Below is a picture of the back of a single unit.
Above is a picture of several single units in a cabinet.
Video Display

Examples: 1 p4.81..p6..p10..

pitch 20mm video outdoor display
composition; 2R1G1B
Size of the cabinet: 640mm(H)*480mm(H)
Size of the display: 1920mm*1440mm
Resolution: 96pixels*72pixels
Brightness: over 6000nits

examples: 2

pitch 16mm 4mx5m
video outdoor display:
composition: 2R1G1B
Size of cabinet: 768mm(V)*512mm(H)
Size of the display: 3840mm*5120mm
Resolution: 240pixels*320pixels
Brightness: over 7000nits
examples: 3
Pitch 25mm 2R1G1B outdoor virtual LED display
size of cabinet: 800mm(H)*600mm(V)
Size of display: 8m*4.8m
Resolution: 320pixels*192pixels
Brightness: over 5500nits
Viewing angle: 120deg/40deg
Scanning frequency: 1000Hz
Refreshing frequency: 60-85-100Hz
True 16777216 colors
Power consumption:
max: 24.5KW; norm: 14.8KW
Measurement: 87cm*67cm*29cm
N.W.: 30kgs; G.W.: 34.55kgs
examples: 4
16mm 3mx4m
video message outdoor display:
composition: 2R1G1B
Size of cabinet: 768mm(V)*512mm(H)
Size of the display: 3072mm*4096mm
Resolution: 192pixels*256pixels
Brightness: over 7000nits

out door VideoVideo Display

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