Scoreboard Buzzar Basketball/Volleyball  
Indoor projection Scoreboard Buzzar
Effective range 200 feet (61m)
• Reproduces coded or sustained tones
• 120 and 240VAC
• Produces 100dB @ 10' (110dB @ 1m)
• UL Listed, cUL Listed, CSA Certified, FM Approved
• NEMA 4X, IP65 enclosure
Press ICON to hear buzzar
The Model 350WB (AC current) Vibratone® horn produces sound by the electro–mechanical vibration of a stainless steel diaphragm. The horn mechanism with diaphragm is attached to the grille. Indoor or outdoor use is made possible by the water– and dust–tight backbox.

The 350WB is available in 120 or 240VAC for 50/60Hz. The sound output level is 100dB nominal at ten feet (110dB @ 1m).

These Federal Signal horns accommodate surface, flush or semi–flush mounting on walls, panels, in cabinets.

Model 350WB features a die–cast zinc housing sealed with a gray enamel finish. The rugged outer housing resists vandalism without reducing sound output. Model 350WB is fused and utilizes a terminal block connection. The horn and backbox combination is UL and cUL Listed (Underwriters Laboratories), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Certified and FM Approved.

Capable of reproducing coded blasts or sustained tones, Federal Signal's Vibratone horns are excellent for general alarm, start/dismissal, coded paging and process control signaling in areas where their sound output exceeds ambient noise levels. Compact size and various installation options make them ideal for institutional use.

Our projection scoreboard uses special software, a unique projection system with our design projection screen.
Software for indoor sports scoreboards.

Basketball scoreboard, soccer scoreboard, hockey scoreboard, volleyball scoreboard, swimming scoreboard and track and field scoreboards.
We have many standard features as well as an extended list of available options to make your projection scoreboard as customized as you would like. You Design your matrix display, indoor scoreboard. ALL projection Basketball scoreboard models come with full electronic scoreboard features including:

Programmable Digit ....Clock... Period and scoreboard face
Video capability (live and Prerecorded)
scoreboard color changes
Color Logos..... you can change logo for each game
Scrolling Message display announcements and advertising create .......real time
Software runs on windows based platform.

Projection system-- Use your projector or purchase ours. You will need a higher than average lumens projector. We recommend 4500 lumens. This is totally dependent on existing ambient lighting conditions. Because we have the highest gain screens in the industry we product the best quality and brightest sports projections.

Setup: Simple steps to set up scoreboard design SETUP
Just click on objects you want to show up and they appear
We also have systems that offer our
18 inch LED 7- segment digits

Sponsor Panels--Color Logo... Change logo on the fly Scoreboard Sponsor panels scrolling message display can added and changed on the fly.

Full Motion Video Scoreboard--Capability to show live video as well as pre-recorded video League associations, Church leagues, schools, league games not able to afford a full size LED scoreboard can now have a projection scoreboard. Many leagues have their own projector systems. Use our customizable software and you are ready to start playing.

Quality - Engineering - High Tech - Ease of use - Projection scoreboard ...
Check out our new Electronic Basketball scoreboard that you design...and change real time....make daily changes on how the scoreboard works and looks , choice of colors... digit size and logs
Give us a call at 727-942-4868.
Sports Video Scoreboard
Standard Scrolling Message Display
Clock, Home Score, Guest Score, Period
Players Fouls Points
Changeable Logos, Changeably colors on the fly
scoreboard displays period time to 59:59
Score up to 99 (option to 199).

Dimensions:76"high x 96" wide x 3 mm" deep.
Approximate weight is 30 lb..
Video Projection
Projection Technology
User definable colors, digit size, message display



Custom your own scoreboard
Screen available in sizes
100", 150" 200" 300"

We are the manufacturer
Screens are made for high ambient light conditions



We write the software and
you design your scoreboard