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 Sports Scoreboards and Video Screens: At A Glance

Sports Complex ...Track and Field Events



Sports Video Scoreboards Screens…
Indoor Video Scoreboards screen systems are customized

Sports Video Scoreboards In-house and Broadcast TV:
Regular Electronic Scoreboards with Video Capability

Sports scoreboards with ability to change tream logos on the fly
Sports scoreboards with the ability to move digits on the fly ..Design as you want
Change the color of the display - both background and fonts - can be custom configured so that the information can be overlayed on in-house or broadcast TV. You get a Scoreboards with Video capabilities. The program is FAST.


  • Wide viewing Angle Projection Scoreboards
  • High Contrast High Gain Video Scoreboards
  • Sports video scoreboards screens. For sports presentation, and concerts where events need large video screen and cinema viewing .......rugged big scoreboards video screen
  • Gain of 7.5 wide screen
  • Basketball Scoreboards
  • Soccer scoreboards
  • Ice Hockey Scoreboards
  • Football Scoreboards
  • Big screens have fixed frames
  • Multi Plex Panels to make wider screens Panels can be laminated together to make up to 200 inch big screen
  • Metal Frames come 2" wide
  • Media Advertising capability that pays for scoreboard
  • Outstanding color reproduction
    High defination flat screens Single projector and dual projector systems
  • Screen Sizes
    8'x76" , 10'x76", 10'x13'
    , 10'x19'


Diagional .....Viewing Area
140" .....................120"x76"
155" .....................135"x76"
LED Screens Also Available

First ever affordable indoor Sports projection scoreboards with video capability

Displays Static Text or Dynamically changing Text (Results etc.)

Displays 24bit Graphics

Can display Results and Running Times

User Configurable Layouts

Accepts Multiple Data Sources
......Scrolling Messages


You design your scoreboard
Home Guest Score
Scrolling Messages
Changable Team Logos
Player fouls
Electronically Change color of scoreboards every game









 *Rear Video Sports screens can be tailored for individualized needs

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LED Scoreboards

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